Friday, January 10, 2014

The Paleo Diet: Going Back to Go Forward

What is the Paleo diet, you might wonder! Well, it simply is the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors that also happens to be the healthiest diet for you. According to research, almost all diseases (cancer, heart diseases, infertility, obesity, for some) are all caused by modern food fats and sugars. Through the Paleo diet, you are given a chance to completely get rid of them and instead, live a healthy lifestyle!

Now what exactly makes up a Paleo diet? It’s mostly lean protein to make your muscles strong, your bones healthy and your immune system boosted. The protein also keeps you from being hungry in between meals. There’s also a lot of fruits and vegetables to give you the nutrients, minerals and vitamins necessary for your bodily functions.

The Paleo diet also has a lot to do with seeds, nuts, fish oil, olive oil and meat from grass-fed animals. According to research, you need the healthy fats from these sources in order to keep you from cognitive decline, obesity, diabetes, cancer and so much more.

The goal of the Paleo diet is to be more alike to our ancestral, hunter-gatherer-stage diet rather than the modern day unhealthiness. The main difference between this ancestral diet and our food now is the amount and type of fat found in the meat or fish. Wild meat is extra lean; it also has less saturated fat, making it very clear that free range meat is indeed a lot healthier than conventional meat.
The Paleo diet, without a doubt, delivers such desirable results. Blood lipids are improved. Weight is lost. Basically, following this diet removes unhealthy food from our body and gives us more vitamins and antioxidants instead.

While it’s true that the Paleo concept may not be readily accepted by everyone because it’s very novel, the best way to truly understand what it has in store for you is to try it. As they say, experience is the best teacher. 

The Paleo diet has been proven to pull up such a good fight against so many diseases. For instance, Type 2 diabetes victims have been proven to have their signs and symptoms reversed after following the Paleo diet. Cardiovascular diseases may be avoided too, as our hunter-gather ancestors didn’t at all experience heart problems! 

Lastly, the diet seems pretty good to prevent autoimmunity – the body’s tendency to attack itself. An example of this is when a body rejects a certain tissue right after we receive a donated organ. Diseases caused by autoimmunity include lupus, vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Very interestingly, Paleo diet has been observed to reverse autoimmunity problems.

It’s breathtaking to have found a new diet that’s not only healthy but honestly also very fulfilling. Who knew the only way to go forward is to go back?

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