Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Actor, James Avery Dead at 68

James Avery

The man who has been appreciated by almost the entire world – Uncle Phil on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” – has died last Tuesday. James Avery was a renowned actor in his lifetime. The man was only sixty-eight years old when his publicist announced his death on the first day of the year 2014.

Toni Benson, his manager, claims that the death was caused by complications in his heart. Avery had undergone surgery about two months ago. He died while in a hospital in Glendale.

His co-star in The Fresh Prince, Joseph Marcell, was deeply saddened by this. Marcell says Avery was more than just a wonderful actor – he was also a marvelous man. According to Marcell, Avery was excellent in portraying his role – the ideal uncle because the role is not so far away from his true mellow personality.

Before he died, Avery made it clear that the show was very important to him. For Avery, the hardships the African-Americans go through are only right to be exposed. In that light, what he has done for the whole African-American society is special and will always be treasured.

Through social networking sites, Avery’s co-stars and friends have been very vocal about their condolences. Alfonso Ribeiro, also an actor in The Fresh Prince, tweeted that he is “deeply saddened to say that James Avery has passed away.” Avery was apparently a second father to him, and consequently, he will greatly miss the man.

Will Smith’s spouse, Jada Pinkett Smith, also tweeted about her and her husband’s condolences. Her tweet goes: “Our condolences to aunt Florence (Avery’s mother), Miss Barbara (Avery’s wife) and all those who loved him.”

Very interestingly, James Avery wasn’t only an actor in his life, but also a poet. He was raised by a single mom in Atlantic City. This man is truly heaven-sent as he also fought in the Vietnam War as part of the Navy and later, also of the military. It was in San Diego, though, where his career in media began. He started out writing scripts for PBS.

Avery was a man of art. Albeit he has always dreamed of becoming a writer, he admits he was always been involved in theater, as well. He’s appeared in a lot of shows such as “L.A. Law,” “That’s ‘70s Show,” and even “CSI.” Avery’s voice was so smooth, thus making him play professor, lawyer, judge, or doctor roles most of the time.

We will last watch James Avery on “Wish I Was Here,” a film by Zach Braff, that will be first seen at the Sundance Film Festival this month.

With all the good he has done and the lives he has touched, James Avery will truly be remembered.

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