Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1000 Calories a Day

How to loose weight fast

We’re saying this point blank: eating less than 1,000 calories a day is not the healthiest. Women need about 1,200 calories each day while men need up to 1,500 to give them the nutrients and energy that their bodies need. However, if you have consulted with your specialist and he or she has approved of this diet plan, we might as well give you the healthiest 1,000 calories you can take in. 

Generally, the meal plan that we are suggesting gives you less than 1000 calories a day. The food, while having fewer calories than everyday diet plans, are still very rich in nutrients. Most of the meal are green leaf vegetables, lean protein, dairy that’s low-fat and grains. As there are three meals a day, each should only contain about 300 calories. 20% of your calories, surprisingly, must be fat because this will make sure your skin, hair and hormones are in good condition. Vitamins from fat are also essential. 

For your first meal, poached egg is okay – as well as a glass of milk that’s skimmed. Get yourself a whole toast of wheat and put on peanut butter and plum. Now you got yourself a yummy, healthy and low-calorie breakfast. For lunch, get yourself salad with romaine lettuce, a bit of grilled chicken, cucumber and cream for dressing. Eat wheat crackers with this. If you’re hungry in the afternoon, get yourself snacks! Apricots or yogurts are good. For dinner, broiled Tilapia is a good idea, especially with corn tortillas. Eat a bit of avocado and a cup of steamed zucchini. This plan doesn’t exceed a thousand calories. 

Meal number two can be composed of a smoothie of plain yogurt, strawberries and flaxseed oil. This alone can already be your breakfast. For lunch, get yourself tuna packed in water, mayonnaise that’s low-fat and celery. Serve all of this with an English muffin made of whole wheat and put tomatoes on the side. As for dinner, get yourself a half-cup of black beans and serve this with salsa, mozzarella cheese and a half cup of brown rice. You can even get yourself skimmed milk with peach for dessert. This, again, does not exceed a thousand calories. 

For the last meal plan, you can start your day with extra-lean turkey in oregano and fennel seeds. You can wrap this around a tortilla that’s full wheat and even put mozzarella cheese with it. If you want a snack in the morning, get yourself a cereal like puffed-rice and put on blueberries and skimmed milk. Get yourself cottage cheese and chopped apples for lunch. Add raisins and crackers to that too. For dinner, simply get yourself fried tofu, with sliced red peppers and broccoli. Serve all of these in steamed quinoa, and you’ll only get about 975 calories.  With this meal plan, you’re all set to 1000 calories a day diet

*** Consult your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.

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