Thursday, January 30, 2014

Home Security Systems

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Home security systems, such as security alarms, are special systems designed to detect entry of someone who’s not authorized. These systems are mostly placed in buildings with functions ranging from residential all the way to military, commercial and industrial uses. Mostly, these systems were established to protect places against intruders and thefts.

Alarm systems nowadays are most importantly made to protect homes from burglars and even fire. The security systems can also be connected to surveillance cameras that record intrusion activities. As for other features of the security systems, control of locked doors is also made possible. Home security systems range from really small ones that are, at first glance, not security systems up to real big and complicated ones that involve skillful control and monitoring.

Basic alarms nowadays are made of sensors, sometimes more than one, and a device that alerts when intrusion is detected. Most home security system includes a PCU or a premises control unit. Some just simply call this one the panel or the system brain. What it does is it reads the input of the sensor and tracks the arm to decide whether a signal for intrusion must be made or not. In modern devices, the panel is mostly a circuit board (or a group of it) that’s placed inside a metal, alongside a good supply of power.

The most famous parts of security systems, the sensors, are simply the devices that can tell whether an intrusion has taken place or not. The sensors are situated inside the area of protection itself or around it. There are a lot of ways for a sensor to detect unauthorized entry. Some of them are monitoring opening of windows and doors, monitoring sounds, vibrations, motions and disturbances. The alert devices, usually in form of a siren, a flash light or a bell, simply indicate an intrusion. In the same way, these devices that indicate alarm condition can also be used to denote a smoke or fire situation.

Yet again other systems have keypads. They are placed on the walls, and they act as the interface of the human to the system. Interconnections simply consist of wirings or, in some modern cases, wiring links that make it possible to control units. Additional security devices such as lasers, cameras and spotlights can also be used.

Modern-day home security systems are coupled with monitoring services. Meaning to say, when the alarm switches on, a monitoring station (police, security forces or 911) is notified. This signal is transmitted either though circuits, telephone lines or even through the Internet.
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