Monday, January 20, 2014

Natural Looking Makeup

Natural Makeup Tutorial

Gone are the days when ladies would sit in front of a mirror and paint their faces until it resembled something out of a dramatic play. Today, most fashion icons, celebrities, and generally those who are the front liners in a world dedicated to looking good favor the more natural looking makeup finish.

Stepping out with the fresh, new and minimalistic look is the latest “in-thing” and many makeup lines are now designing their products around this theme. The cosmetic line by LaLa Anthony has taken the natural look to new heights, making this line “a must have one” for those interested in pursuing this theme to perfection.

There is a lot of mistaken information out there that brings to mind the assumption that the natural look is one that is easily achieved. This is only true with the right “tools” which can only be enjoyed if the right cosmetic line is chosen. Therefore, in the interest of trying to pull off the natural look, taking the time to indulge in the full line of cosmetics and skin care products available would certainly bring forth a nice bag of surprises.

Achieving the natural look is not all about having a makeup free face, but is more about using products that will give you a healthy and natural glow without damaging your delicate skin. These products are normally made from natural ingredients and don’t damage the skin, even when used long term. The process is also usually very basic and simple and not as tediously time consuming and frustrating as having to slap on coats of different things to create the right look.

Perhaps a little simple guide on how to get the natural makeup look will allow you to better understand all it entails. The following is a simple guide to help you understand and be more confident in this line of cosmetic products:
  • Your first step should ideally be to wash your face with a cleanser and gently exfoliate your skin with a delicate wash cloth.
  • Then, moisturize and even out the skin tone using a lightly tinted lotion from the same cosmetic/skincare line.
  • If there are some stubborn spots that are still visible, use a concealer to ensure these are suitably covered. A concealer is the ideal product to create unblemished looking skin tones.
  • A light dusting of loose face powder can then be applied, but only if you think you need this last “touch-up”. For skin texture that tends to shine due to sweat, using an oil absorbing powder would be ideal. Using a brush instead of a powder puff will also help give a more even look.
  • Your next step would be to look for warmer shades of makeup choices to apply so that you will be able to capture the essence of the natural look more effectively.
In the end, all you should really be looking to achieve is the minimalistic use of any “coloring” items. It’s easier to carry off and certainly more complementing to both the skin and to any overall ensemble.

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