Monday, January 27, 2014

Facebook Dating Tips

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We all know Facebook is primarily made for friends and not for dating albeit, of course, it still taps the latter function. The site’s popularity, however, kind of makes it the perfect spot for new relationships. Although the site is mostly used by families and friends to keep in touch, it still is undeniably a good place for starting new, rather virtual, friends.

The site started off as a medium where college students can talk to each other, update each other about learning programs and well, even personal lives. Nowadays, literally almost everyone who has access to the Internet has a Facebook account. Interestingly, we have some tips for you on how you can start with that new venture that is Facebook dating!

To start with, you have to make your profile as interesting as possible. Make it look good. Post the right pictures – the ones where you actually look good in, and where you look like you’re actualized. Make sure that everything you type even just on friend’s walls can be seen by just about everyone who’s in the website. Be careful! Facebook is a fashion show, and everything you post must be runway-worthy.

When filling in your Facebook data, don’t forget to indicate that you’re single, that you’re interested in men/women and that you’re your age. Write your correct birth date, and your correct location. Review your profile once in a while. Untag yourself in photos that you think would make people less interested in you. 
You might also want to join a group that’s specialized for Facebook dating. Make sure you join the discussions and are pretty visible in the site. If you find someone you find attractive, send a message. Try to come up with something cute and something that makes them have to reply. Do not be rude or creepy. Maybe even ask a question that they’ll probably find hard not to respond to.

Don’t rush things. You can talk to the person through Facebook messages. Try to get to know each other. When you think it’s ready and when you’re both online, level up to Facebook chat. Once you know you’re pretty much “friends” already, you can start commenting on their photos or liking their posts. Just make sure you don’t post anything too scandalizing, because everything you post, the people in his/her life can see.

For your own good, always be vigilant of frauds. Make sure the person you’re talking to is legit. Look at their friends. They Should have family members or friends from her neighborhood on their profile. Friends from around the world or a very few friends seems very sketchy. Always be mindful of the information you give out too. Never make yourself such an open book.

Last and probably the most important tip is just to always be careful – in what you say and in what you suggest. When you’ve decided to meet up, bring a friend on the first meeting! Good luck!

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