Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Car Accident Lawyer

Personal Injury Lawyer

A car accident lawyer, more commonly known as a personal injury lawyer, is one who legally represents those who have been physically or even psychologically injured because of another person’s tactlessness or negligence. A lawyer of this kind has vast knowledge in tort law – the kind of law that has to do with wrongs and damages to reputations, properties and rights of people.

Lawyers in this field are especially trained and issued a license for law in general, but they usually work on just matters of tort law – work injuries, medical malpractice and more importantly, automobile accidents.

So what are the responsibilities of a car accident lawyer? Of course, the responsibilities range from those professional and those that have to do more with ethics. When he or she has been given a law license, a car accident lawyer is already entitled to file complaints, argue in court, draft documents and give legal advice.

In certain times, car accident or personal injury lawyers are also referred to as plaintiff lawyers. These plaintiff lawyers interview clients about the case to determine the legalities involved. The lawyer then comes up with ideas to make the case a strong one. Among all his or her responsibilities, the most important thing a plaintiff lawyer is responsible for is to obtain compensation, and even more, justice to those who have suffered from the accident. If settlement cannot be reached, a trial takes place.

Even though they sound pretty much all-powerful, car accident lawyers still have to abide to law ethics when dealing with their clients. The lawyer must handle the case as knowledgeably as possible and as much as possible, be competent. Furthermore, the client deserves confidentiality, loyalty and the lawyer’s full efforts for the clients’ interests.

For law to be practiced in the United States, a car accident lawyer must, first and foremost, pass the bar exam. Sometimes, a written exam on ethics is also required. The bar exams vary. Most of the time, applicants for the exam have to be graduates of four-year college courses and are graduates of law in accredited schools. 
For most car accident lawyers, they are required to take the MBE or the Multistate Bar Examination, the MEE or the Multistate Essay Examination and the MPRE or the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination. When they are already on the state bar, this specific type of lawyer must know the updates in legal developments, as well as the non-legal ones that have to do with tort law. CLE or continuing legal education courses are also required, and the number of CLE hours per state varies.

Car Accident Lawyer


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