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Calcium Supplements

Calcium Supplements
Although not a lot of us acknowledge it, calcium is, without a doubt, a health requirement. Our body needs calcium – lots of it, but it unfortunately cannot produce the enough amount. That’s because there’s calcium all over our excretions – sweat, urine and feces – and even just in our body parts such as our hair, nails and skin. Calcium lost for these has to be replaced. Otherwise, the body will get the calcium that’s supposed to be for the bones in order to perform the other bodily functions.  Consequently, it is quite clear that we must get as much calcium as we can. It totally doesn’t hurt. Calcium has so much benefits.

First, we need it to fortify our bones. Stronger bones mean less chances of getting osteoporosis, as well. Children and teenagers especially need this mineral. Absorption of calcium is at its best before the person ages twenty. At around thirty years old, the process becomes a tad draining. When children or teenagers get the right amount of calcium and vitamin D, growth becomes more apparent in them, bone mass becomes more impressive, and bone loss when they age becomes less likely.

Apart from its great effect on your bones, calcium has also been found out to be very good for your metabolism. It will keep you slim and sexy. While it hasn’t been recognized as much yet, the effects of dairy on weight loss has been noted by David Zinczenko in his work, The Abs Diet for Women. According to research, calcium works by promoting burning of fat and at the same time reducing the amount of fat store in the body. Experts say that when you get sufficient dairy servings a day (that’s about three times), calories in your whole diet are reduced in order to accommodate the dairy.

For women, it’s also very interesting how calcium has a positive effect on PMS – or kicking it out to be more precise. When there’s not enough calcium in the body, calcium-regulating hormones don’t react well with the female hormones. As a result, pre-menstrual stressing happens.  Calcium also proposes a great fight against cancer. According to research, adequate calcium intakes help prevent colon, breast and ovary cancers.

Lastly, with the increasing rate of people who pass away because of heart diseases, it is breathtaking to know that calcium helps make our hearts healthier. Research suggests that calcium reduces hypertension and diseases in the cardiovascular system. While most of the calcium in our body goes to our bones, the remaining calcium works with our muscles and nerves. And of course, the cardiovascular system is composed of a muscle (the heart) and vessels that are part of the nervous system. With these benefits, calcium sure is key to living healthy.

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