Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C
Vitamin C, without a doubt, is the most famous vitamin. We all know it cures colds and does so much more wonders. Interestingly, now, those wonders have been given due background.
Scientific studies on vitamin C confirm that they indeed reduce intensities of colds. They do this through acting as an antihistamine. In that light, the vitamin can also be used to control allergies. Without a doubt, Vitamin C boosts the immune system. However, there is still no sufficient evidence to prove that large doses of it can completely prevent colds.
What most of us don’t know is that vitamin C can also be very useful in healing wounds. It’s essential in production of collagen, making it ideal for healing of cuts, fractures, burns, oral wounds and even surgical wounds. The said vitamin can also be applied to the skin to minimize effect of ultraviolet rays.
The super-vitamin helps prevent cancer, as well. As an antioxidant, it serves as a protection for cells and DNA, especially from mutation. Vitamin C, as support to the immune system, stands on the first line against cancer and prevents the formation of compounds that cause the said ailment. Just to be clear, it’s not a cure that attacks cancer cells. On the other hand, it’s a prevention that keeps the immune system healthy.
Its antioxidant properties enables the vitamin to pose a good fight against cataracts – an eye disorder that happens mostly to adults. Our eye lenses need vitamin C to serve as protection against the sunlight. When there’s lots of vitamin C in your system, some of it concentrates on the lenses, thus protecting the eye from damage. Get this: 1,000 mg of vitamin C a day can even stop cataracts.
Vitamin C also serves as prevention from heart diseases. It does this by blocking the free radicals that damage the walls of nerves. Even more so, the vitamin keeps the cholesterol in the blood from oxidizing – another one of the main causes of heart diseases. Conditions of highblood pressure have also been observed to improve upon intake of this vitamin.
For the asthmatics, be joyous because this vitamin has something in store for them too. Its antioxidant properties improve symptoms and lessens the histamine in the body – that compound that leads to inflammation. Diabetics need not feel bad because vitamin C has something for them also. Levels of blood sugar can be improved through the nutrient.
Indeed, there are so much benefits from this beautiful vitamin. These aren’t even all of them yet. Preeclampsia in pregnant women can be improved through the vitamin. Sperm counts can be improved. Parkinson’s disease can be treated.
Nonetheless, it’s been made clear. You need to get as much vitamin C as you can to keep you healthy and to protect you from ailments. Vitamin C up!
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