Monday, February 17, 2014

Testosterone Booster

 Testosterone Booster
Testosterone is a very important hormone in a man’s body. It’s the hormone that maintains the muscle mass, the density of the bones and the man’s libido. The production of this hormone is especially high during the early portions of adulthood. A year after adulthood, it starts to drop. 

One of the rather troublesome diseases in a man is hypogonadism – a disorder that makes it hard for the body to produce sufficient testosterone. Men with this disorder are advised to undergo testosterone therapy, although it’s not required.

There’s no instant testosterone booster, but we sure have ones that are natural, healthy and efficient.

First and foremost, sleep well! A good night’s sleep is irreplaceable. Men who lack sleep are observed to have less testosterone than those who have enough. Effects are potent even in just a week. In the study, those who lacked sleep were observed to have a relatively lower sense of well-being, as well. The number of hours of sleep you need in a day is actually very subjective, but generally, men need seven to nine hours per night.

One also needs to lose unnecessary weight when he aspires boosting his testosterone levels. Middle-aged men who are about to get diabetes also suffer from lack of testosterone. A study in the year 2012 proved that weight loss can improve levels of the hormone by up to 50%. This doesn’t advise crash diet though; rather, one is advised to get into a sensible one and to exercise regularly.

One also needs much zinc in his body. In essence, men who are hypogonadic are zinc-deficient. According to studies, zinc is very much essential in the regulation of the levels of serum testosterone in the body. Even the Office of Dietary Supplements acknowledge that adult males should take at least 11 mg of zinc. Food rich in zinc include poultry, red meat, nuts, beans, lobster, grains, crabs and other fortified food.

Sugar is one of the things you should stay away from when you want to improve your testosterone level. Zinc is okay, but it’s not enough. The human body requires so much vitamins and minerals. But an excess of anything is unhealthy. It’s been found out, however, that too much sugar in the body decreases the testosterone.

Also, old-fashioned exercise is advised. Resistance training is the most recommended. As we all know, low testosterone levels affects sex drive and moods. Good news is exercise improves libido and moods alike, making the person much more positive and optimistic. Energy is boosted, and you even get to sleep better. 30 minutes of exercise a day is a good start. Not only does your testosterone level improve, your overall demeanor does too.

Boost your Testosterone today! 

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