Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Eating For Your Muscles

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If you want to work on your muscle mass, you probably already know that you should do lots of lifting. You probably already know that you’re expected to spend lots of time in the gym. There are some very basic things though that you probably don’t know can help improve building your muscles. For instance, you can work on your diet. After all, eating for your muscles is just about as important as lifting for them. 
While the people who want to get thinner avoid calories, you know you should take a lot of them. They’re not the key though! While it’s acceptable to eat fast food once in a while, devouring boxes of pizza and pigging out on ice cream are definitely not advisable. True, rebuilding muscle tissue that has broken down requires energy (thus, calories), but the multitudes have been over-informed. High-calorie intakes is not encouraged; they might turn into fat. You might end up big, sure, but not muscly – instead, simply fat. Generally, 300-500 calories more than what your body burns is what’s best.

You must, on the other hand, concentrate on protein. It is essential to have lots of protein in your body since they are what’s in charge of muscle growth. 2 grams of protein per pound is ideal for a day. If you eat every three hours, it ensures that you are absorbing the protein you need to support the growth of your muscles.

You should eat after a workout. Nothing beats a meal that’s rich in both carbs and protein. After training, the body is really bad at taking in the carbohydrates towards the fat-storing pathways; they’re sent out to the growth-promoting pathways instead. Together with protein, you will be able to achieve maximum feeding of your muscles. The carbs will be in charge of delivering the amino acids into the muscle tissue by boosting your insulin levels. The insulin, in turn, drives nutrients towards the muscle cells, thus making it possible for the muscles to grow.

When building muscles, it’s also especially advisable to drink lots of water, most especially during the hours before your workout. It helps you feel full. While training, you can drink 8 ounces of water every 20 minutes and more on hot days. The body’s performance declines when it’s dehydrated. Do not wait until you’re thirsty either. For some people, they prefer low-calorie sports drinks, which is okay too since they are especially made for hydrating. Fluids in cooler temperatures make people drink more of them too.

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  1. I think it comes down to the amount of protein you eat with the amount of working out you do. The more you eat, the more muscle you can build. My husband is always trying to gain muscle, but I tell him every time that he needs to eat more protein.

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